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please don't feel bad about yourself, you're truly beautiful.


Awww…you’re so nice :’)


No matter how much I sleep, I am always tired.
No matter how many people surround me, I’m always alone.
No matter what I do, I feel unaccomplished.
No matter the number of compliments, I will always feel insecure.
No matter what, I will always feel insignificant.
I will always feel worthless.
I will always feel pain.
This is who I am.

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have you ever been in one of those moods where you just want to grab everything and rip it from the walls and break everything because you feel broken and you want to scream and kick and cry because nothing feels right and it’s all wrong and you don’t feel right and i don’t know anymore. 

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Anxiety is the women holding my hand telling me possibilities of what could go wrong before it’s even happened.

Depression is the tall boy whispering to me that there’s no need for hope.

Self harm is the young girl who tells me I’m too weak to stand up on my own, tells me the best way to not hurt others is by hurting myself.

Bipolar is the voice in my head telling me I’m fine just before I hit the bottom.

Paranoia is the lady sitting with anxiety, telling me the whole room is laughing at me.

Apathy is the good days, the ones where I don’t quite hurt nor do I feel happy, the days where the world blurs from day to night and I hardly notice.

EDNOS is the flawlessness I see in other smiling girls, telling me to eat once a day and to binge after my meds have digested.

ADHD is the one who can only concentrate in math class, the beauty who’s creativity is suppressed through medication, the young girl who has energy and yells swirling thoughts into my mind

Suicide is the ring leader who tells me there’s one way to stop the madness in my head, she tells me hold her hand and it’ll all go away.

These are a few of my demons, they wage wars in my head and people tell me it’s as easy as changing my mind set.